Monday, 31 March 2014



So, rainbows and butterflies...

I've been accused on more than one occasion of being too naive and positive. A friend once told me vehemently that my life is all rainbows and f**king butterflies. Well, I'm choosing to embrace that! Sometimes our attitude is all we have control of. Bad things happen. To us, to other people, to those we love and those we don't know. Sometimes we can do something to change it; often we can't. 

I remember talking to my dad about struggling with the stress and pressures of work. He told me that stress is what one does to oneself, not what is inflicted by others. It's quite difficult to accept that, but I think he might be a little bit right!

Speaking of my lovely dad, here's something else he's given me, some words by Charles Swindoll about attitude that are better written than I could have come up with...

So, a philosophical start! 

Hopefully this blog will last longer than my previous one and I'll see you soon :-)

Kate x